The Cane Toad Takeover

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For Cane Toad removal , control, and humane euthanasia. & disposial.....

   You can contact me directly at (239) 384-2115
Offering educational lectures, cane toad & tadpole catching, and tadpole traps.

** humane euthanasia & disposal now AVAILABLE**
If you have caught cane toads and don't want to deal with the hassle of putting them in your freezer, I can meet you somewhere and pick them up and properly and humanely take care of them.  Discounts are available to repeat customers and maintenance plans are strongly recommended for those who have pets and live in areas with large populations of Cane Toads. It only takes one bite or lick to kill your beloved pet. If you find Cane Toads near your house you can pretty much guarantee that there are MANY more that you have yet to see! Call me and I can help find a solution to your problems before any of your loved ones or pets are injured. This subject is not one to be taken lightly, these toads are a highly invasive species that has already taken over Australia by storm. If we don't do something to stop the spread of these toxic toads NOW, we will have a very large problem on our hands in the near future.