The Cane Toad Takeover

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Monthly TOAD CONTESTS!!!!!
prizes for the largest toad and most toads caught!!

Because the population of these toads is exploding so quickly, I am offering periodic free community toad round up to help limit their numbers. I will be offering fun prizes for the largest, and most toads caught!

I am asking for the help of our community to tell as many people as they can about these toxic toads!! Lets work together to limit the numbers of these breeding pests! Help me collect data on the amounts of dogs and cats that have been killed or injured due to consumption of bufotoxin. If you or someone you know has lost a pet call or email me so your pets can be counted in my study!!!!!

I am also looking to establish where the largest populations of toads are so we can tackle those locations first. If you notice a large amounts of toads in your neighborhood or in your travels please call me and let me know! Your participation will greatly help our local pets and wildlife.  I can be reached anytime at (239) 384-2115


   Take a picture with a ruler of the largest toad you catch after every adventure! Then text it to me at 384-2115 with your name and info. Please DON'T KILL it because I need LARGE toads for my educational presentations. When taking pictures for the largest toad, measure from its nose to back end.  For the prize for most toads, please be honest, and send me a picture of your bucket of toads, and their weight and / or head count. IF you don't want to humanely euthanize them yourself, I will have a few places you will be able to drop them off so that i can humanly euthanize them myself . PLEASE no catch and release, these guys are deadly to our pets and wildlife!!!  HAPPY HUNTING!!! And  thank you for helping a great cause!!!! Winners will be contacted on the afternoon of the 15th! 


Have a TOAD-ally fun and safe time, and remember when in doubt, let it out! only kill a toad if you are sure it is a cane toad. Sadly 90% of the big toads you find are. ALSO BE SAFE AROUND PONDS AND LAKES!!!!! With all the high water right now there are a lot of snakes and alligators out and about!!! BE AWARE OF YOUR SURROUNDINGS AND WATCH WHERE YOU STEP!!!!

Find me on FACEBOOK    Jen Southall   my profile pic is me on a riding a horse!

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